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ROM - Open Air Festival Area in a Roman Quarry

ROM - Open Air Festival Area in a Roman Quarry
Spectacle Under the Stars – Staging Steel and Rock




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The BuiltBy.TV Architecture Database is an on-line platform, to be presented highly functionally to the worldwide structures, as well as to the public of the field and also a wider public. This database is both autonomous and unique in its functionality, in its completeness and in its aesthetic.

As registered user you determine by yourself the content of your presentations, in which you upload your custom-made information pointedly and autonomous. Besides that, many other features are contained: a full-text search-function for one or more keywords, and an advanced search function for professional research according to architect, city, country, type of building, year of completion and construction material. Already introduced projects of other users can be commented, assessed and complemented.

As a premium, the particularly interesting projects will be rehashed and visualized in other BuiltBy.TV formats. An absolute "must be" for architects, planers, building contractors and firms of the building supplies branch.

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